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Stove Fans and Stirling Engines

Stirling Engine Generator

Written on Jan, 08, 2019 by Warpfive | No comments yet

At every opportunity we continue with Stirling engine research and development. Recently our engineers designed and constructed a portable Stirling engine generator. The generator has been designed to generate power using the sun with a Fresnel lens, a gas camping...

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Warpfive Stove Top Thermometer

Written on Dec, 11, 2018 by Warpfive | No comments yet

Accurately measure the temperature of your stove with the recently launched Warpfive Stove Top Thermometer. This beautiful instrument will compliment your stove and provide accurate, reliable stove temperatures while also indicating the most economical burn rate. It...

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How to lubricate your Warpfive Stove Fan (Stirling Engine)

Written on Dec, 04, 2018 by Warpfive | No comments yet

We recommend keeping your Warpfive Stove Fan clean and free from air borne dust and ash as much as possible. All Warpfive Stove Fans are supplied with the essential items you will need to maintain your engine. You will know when your engine needs to be cleaned and...

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Warpfive Stove Fan - Stirling Engine Reliability and Durability Test

Written on Nov, 28, 2018 by Warpfive | No comments yet

Warpfive Stirling engines operate for more than 15 816 hours - that's 10.8 years of non-stop use! Research and analysis is ongoing at Warpfive Stove Fans. We routinely assess the performance of all of our engines through extreme and rigorous testing. In order to...

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Warpfive Twinspeed Stove Fan (Stirling engine)

Written on Oct, 25, 2017 by admin | Comments: 3

The Warpfive Twinspeed Stove Fan is the most powerful Stirling engine we produce. This premium engine moves an impressive 440 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of air. Named the Twinspeed for its ‘twin’ piston design, this stove fan will start working at 120° C (248° F). In...

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Warpfive Sidewinder Stove Fan (Stirling engine)

Written on Oct, 18, 2017 by admin | Comments: 1

The Warpfive Sidewinder Stove Fan has a compact design and operates across a broad range of temperatures. This engine works well on any medium to hot fire and starts operating at 110° C (230° F). Named the Sidewinder for its dual pulley and belt operating mechanism –...

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Warpfive Glasshopper Stove Fan (Stirling engine)

Written on Oct, 12, 2017 by admin | No comments yet

The Warpfive Glasshopper Stove Fan has an ultra low start up temperature of only 70° C (158° F). Therefore it is an ideal choice for using on stoves that run cooler fires that are fed irregularly or for stoves with soapstone tops. Named the Glasshopper for its clear...

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Warpfive Steelhead Stove Fan (Stirling engine)

Written on Oct, 11, 2017 by admin | No comments yet

The Warpfive Steelhead Stove Fan is an excellent performer over a broad range of operating temperatures. Named the Steelhead for its robust build, this stove fan will start working at 110° C (230° F) and circulate in excess of 320 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of air. It...

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Compare and choose a stove fan

Written on Oct, 04, 2017 by admin | No comments yet

This article is written to give information on how to compare and choose a stove fan. In addition it will help you to establish which stove fan will best suit your requirements. Frequently a room becomes overly warm close to the wood burner, but the the remainder of...

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What is a Stove Fan? Different versions of Stove Fans?

Written on Aug, 10, 2017 by admin | No comments yet

When choosing a stove fan, it is important to distinguish between two very different categories – thermoelectric and Stirling engine stove fans. Here we explain the difference between these two categories. 1. Thermoelectric These fans use a thermoelectric module which...

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