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Copper Propeller Warpfive Stove Fan

December, 06, 2015, By admin | Leave a reply

At Warpfive Stove Fans you can now add a copper propeller to any of our Stove Fan designs.  We frequently have customers who require something a little different and even more special than our standard product range, so you are also able to order a copper propeller for your engine.

Warpfive Stove Fan with Bespoke Copper Propellor

Because we manufacture and precision engineer all of our products, we are able to meet these needs and fulfill almost all bespoke requirements.  Take a look at this recently hand-crafted copper bladed propeller – it looks fantastic!

Stove Fan with custom copper blade propeller
Stove Fan with hand-crafted copper prop
Stove Fan with unique copper blades
Warpfive Stove Fan with bespoke copper propeller

The copper blades can be custom built for any of our Stirling engine products – the Steelhead (pictured above), the Sidewinder or the Twinspeed.  For additional information and pricing, please contact us