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Stirling Engine Generator

January, 08, 2019, By Warpfive | Leave a reply

At every opportunity we continue with Stirling engine research and development. Recently our engineers designed and constructed a portable Stirling engine generator. The generator has been designed to generate power using the sun with a Fresnel lens, a gas camping burner or a gas hob.

Warpfive Stirling engine running on sun power using a single Fresnel lens

The portable, light-weight design would be extremely useful in situations where emergency power generation is required, while camping, or for expeditions.

At this stage, the Warpfive Stirling engine generator is an experimental unit only and is not available for purchase.

Warpfive Stirling engine generator running on a benzine burner- reliable power for expeditions

Stirling engines are more efficient in generating electricity than solar panels and have a much longer life span.

In the future Stirling engines will be used for power generation in sunny climates for domestic use.

Warpfive Stirling engine generator on a gas hob - useful for emergency power

Warpfive Stirling engine generator - charging iPad with on board battery