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Experimental 14 cc Twin Cylinder Stirling Engine Generator

April, 18, 2019, By Warpfive | Leave a reply

Our engineers have been hard at work on our most recent experimental engine - a 14cc Twin Cylinder Stirling Engine Generator and it looks fantastic!

Visit iPhone powered by Propane to see how the water cooled, pressurised, twin cylinder, Gamma Stirling engine charges an iPhone.

The compact twin cylinder engine produces 11 Watts and is water-cooled for continuous operation. The engine has also been pressurised to increase power output.

Beautiful experimental engine powered by Propane

Stirling engines can be built in 3 different configerations -

  1. Alpha configuration has two power pistons, one in a hot cylinder, one in a cold cylinder, and the gas is driven between the two by the pistons; it is typically in a V-formation with the pistons joined at the same point on a crankshaft.
  2. Beta configuration has a single cylinder with a hot end and a cold end, containing a power piston and a 'displacer' that drives the gas between the hot and cold ends.
  3. Gamma configuration has two cylinders: one containing a displacer, with a hot and a cold end, and one for the power piston; they are joined to form a single space with the same pressure in both cylinders; the pistons are typically in parallel and joined 90 degrees out of phase on a crankshaft.

This experimental 14cc Stirling engine has a Gamma configuration.

Experimental 14cc Stirling engine with Gamma configuration

The engine uses two gas intakes to prevent gas freeze and ensure maximum burn rate. The annular burner provides uniform combustion with maximum heat transfer into the displacer cylinder.

Click here to see how the engine powers a LED lantern.

Experimental Warpfive Generator Engine - Side View

Experimental Warpfive Generator Engine - Top View

Experimental Warpfive Generator Engine - Side View