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Stove Fan with metal cowling

June, 21, 2016, By admin | Leave a reply

Warpfive Stove Fan with black metal cowling

Warpfive Stove Fan Research and Development

At Warpfive Stove Fans we are in constant pursuit of  new and unique Stove Fan design .  This persistent search for peak performing models that are creative and unusual, result in a variety of distinctive Stirling engine projects.

Unique Projects

For example the recent development of a Stove Fan with a sleek, black metal cowling.  The metal housing is designed with slits in order to allow air to be drawn through the cavity.  This results in keeping the engine cool.  In addition, the slits allow a glimpse of the moving crank shaft which powers the Stirling engine. The cowling is pop riveted on both sides and painted a glossy black.   This completes the funky, retro design.

This engine follows the same basic design of theWarpfive MK 6 .  The MK 6 Stove Fan is ideal for use on wood burners, multi-fuel stoves, coal stoves or any other heat source that is burning a medium to hot fire.  It operates from a start up temperature of 110 C, all the way up to 450 C.

Stirling Engine Design

Stirling engines work by moving a sealed volume of air from the hot bottom plate to the cool top plate of the engine. As the air moves from the cool plate to the hot plate it is rapidly heated, it expands and pushes the piston up. As the air is moved from the hot plate to the cool plate it cools rapidly and contracts, this creates a vacuum which pulls the piston down. This same volume of air is rapidly heated and cooled many times per second. As the piston is connected to a crank shaft it causes the crank to rotate.  This produces the mechanical power to rotate the fan blades.

End Result

This was an interesting project from a design point of view.  The finished product is both functional and attractive!

Research and development is ongoing at Warpfive

  • Erik Windschitl

    I own several of your fans, and am wondering how much of an improvement the cowl makes to the efficiency of the engines. I also plan on ordering another fan this winter for my shop stove and am interested in the copper blades. How much extra do they cost. Great idea by the way, I really like how the different metals contrast each other. It’s like functional art.

    • admin

      Hi Erik,

      Thanks for your feedback. The copper blades sell for an additional £52.00 (British Pound Sterling).