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Warpfive Stove Fan - Ongoing Stirling Engine Reliability and Durability Test (March 2019)

March, 05, 2019, By Warpfive | Leave a reply

Warpfive Stirling engines operate

for more than 18 288 hours -

that's 12.5 years of non-stop use!

As promised we are keeping you updated regarding our extreme Warpfive Stirling engine testing. We keep test engines in permanent use in order to evaluate durability and reliability - these engines work non-stop!

To date the test engines have been operating for over 12.5 years and amazingly have been oiled only twice!

By comparison an average car would have been serviced at least 73 times over 18 288 hours of use, and a marine diesel engine would have had at least 183 services!

Keep watching as we'll keep you updated with future results!