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Stove Fans and Stirling Engines

Warpfive Stove Top Thermometer

Written on Dec, 11, 2018 by Warpfive | No comments yet

Accurately measure the temperature of your stove with the recently launched Warpfive Stove Top Thermometer. This beautiful instrument will compliment your stove and provide accurate, reliable stove temperatures while also indicating the most economical burn rate. It...

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How to lubricate your Warpfive Stove Fan (Stirling Engine)

Written on Dec, 04, 2018 by Warpfive | No comments yet

We recommend keeping your Warpfive Stove Fan clean and free from air borne dust and ash as much as possible. All Warpfive Stove Fans are supplied with the essential items you will need to maintain your engine. You will know when your engine needs to be cleaned and...

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