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Stove Fans and Stirling Engines

What is a Stove Fan? Different versions of Stove Fans?

Written on Oct, 29, 2019 by admin | No comments yet

When choosing a stove fan, it is important to distinguish between two very different categories – thermoelectric and Stirling engine stove fans. Here we explain the difference between these two categories. 1. Thermoelectric These fans use a thermoelectric module which...

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Compare and choose a stove fan

Written on Oct, 22, 2019 by admin | No comments yet

This article is written to give information on how to compare and choose a stove fan. In addition it will help you to establish which stove fan will best suit your requirements. Frequently a room becomes overly warm close to the wood burner, but the the remainder of...

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Warpfive Stove Fan - Ongoing Stirling Engine Reliability and Durability Test (Oct 2019)

Written on Oct, 10, 2019 by Warpfive | No comments yet

Warpfive Stirling engines operate for more than 23 544 hours - that's 16.1 years of non-stop use! In this durability photograph, we show our test engine using a thermal camera. The hotter areas display as bright yellow and the cooler parts are deep purple. This...

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