Stove Top Thermometer


Accurately measure the temperature of your stove & monitor the most economical burn rate.  Includes rapid heat transfer technology and full size bi-metallic strip for precise measurements.

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Use the wood stove top thermometer to accurately measure the temperature of your stove.  The thermometer has a large diameter gauge with prominent stainless steel domes, and permanent laser engraved numerals.  Consequently you can accurately read and easily determine your most economical burn rate (even from a distance).  Not only does this scientific instrument have a quality full-sized bi-metallic strip, it also uses rapid heat technology.  Thus you are guaranteed accurate and reliable readings.  Furthermore it has a unique single hand to measure Fahrenheit and Celsius at the same time.  It measures from room temperature up to 450 C (842 F).  Hand-crafted, assembled and tested in Great Britain. 

Key Features

  • Machined out of a solid billet of aluminium
  • Large, permanent laser engraved numerals
  • Unique double-pointed hand
  • Full sized bi-metallic mechanism
  • Rapid heat transfer technology
  • Optimum burn zone indicator

Dimensions & Weight

Outer Diameter: 109 mm (4.29 inches)



Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 23 cm

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