Twinspeed Stove Fan

Legendary twin cylinder Stirling engine - provides high performance & maximum airflow

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Reduce your wood usage by up to 22% and heat your room up to 40% faster

Without a stove fan the heat rises and warms the area directly above and nearby the stove. The area close to the stove is very warm while further away the room is insufficiently heated.

A stove fan assists in circulating warm air throughout the room, this saves on fuel and makes your home more comfortable. The Stirling engine powered Twinspeed is so efficient that a 240° C (464° F) fire temperature will provide sufficient power to move air in excess of 6 meters (19.7 feet).

The Twinspeed Stove Fan is our most powerful stove fan designed for use on a wood stove, multi-fuel or coal stove, or any other heat source. This premium stove fan is hand-built for high performance with twin Borosilicate glass piston cylinders, resulting in an exceptionally powerful air output. A beautiful engine with classic design and elegance, supplied with a clear protective dust cover which further enhances its intriguing looks. The dust cover can be used while the engine is working and it will assist in keeping it dust free thus maintaining optimum performance. The high performance Twinspeed will operate most effectively on surface temperatures that reach between 120°C and 450°C (248°F and 842°F). The Twinspeed is a small precision engineered Stirling engine, which is 100% mechanical and does not have any electric components which may stop working if overheated. Stirling engines require great precision to build but reward with exceptional reliability, high power output and longevity. This unique item is hand-crafted, assembled and tested in Great Britain.

Extremely reliable & durable - lasts a lifetime
Engines tested beyond 23544 hours. Click here for details.

The Twinspeed Stove Fan is available in black with twin glass piston cylinders and a stainless steel base.

  • Precision Stirling engine design ensures reliability, durability and high power output
  • A unique twin cylinder Stirling engine combining legendary design with exceptional power output
  • High performance twin piston design results in maximum air distribution for larger rooms
  • Stainless steel base for enhanced thermodynamic properties & stability
  • Stainless steel displacer and regenerator boost performance (see here for information)
  • Beautiful stainless steel base and twin piston design
  • Low start-up temperature of 120° C (248° F) results in longer run times and greater air circulation
  • Dust cover reduces ash contamination and maintains optimum performance
  • Individually laser engraved with unique serial number
  • Circulates in excess of 440 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of air. The power produced by twin piston cylinders result in extremely impressive performance
  • Uses a 4 blade high aspect ratio fan (220 mm, 8.6 inch diameter) - the fan is optimised to circulate maximum air at low RPM
  • Operation is quiet - typically 36dB. The use of precision bearings and clear Borosilicate glass piston cylinders ensure quiet operation
  • No electricity is needed and no electrical components are used to power the fan - this guarantees a long lifespan
  • No installation is required, simply place on top of the log burner or multi-fuel stove. Operation is entirely free
  • Silver thermodynamic heat plate optimises heat flow which results in exceptional performance
  • Low maintenance due to the use of advanced materials (such as graphite) as well as low friction bearings
  • Maintenance kit included
  • Engineered from durable materials such as stainless steel, brass and aluminium
  • Individually hand-crafted, assembled and tested in Great Britain
  • 3 year manufacturer's warranty
Steelhead Stove Fan 360 degree video View 360 video: Twinspeed Stove Fan with Dust Cover
Steelhead Stove Fan 360 degree video View 360 video: Twinspeed Stove Fan without Dust Cover
Steelhead Stove Fan 360 degree video View video: Twinspeed Stove Fan with Dust Cover
Steelhead Stove Fan 360 degree video View video: Twinspeed Stove Fan without Dust Cover