Stove Top Thermometer

Accurately measure the temperature of your stove 

The Warpfive Stove Top Thermometer will accurately measure the temperature of your stove and assist in indicating the most economical burn rate, while complimenting your stove top.  This beautiful accessory is machined out of a solid billet of aluminium, has large laser engraved numerals and a unique double-pointed hand.

The thermometer has been thoughtfully designed to make temperature reading easy. It incorporates both Fahrenheit and Celcius readings with a unique hand that spans between the two measurements. Prominent stainless steel domes on the dial assist in identifying the optimum burn zone, and allow easy temperature monitoring from a distance.  Laser engraved numerals offer a high quality, permanent marking solution and guarantees that they will not fade over time. 

The Warpfive Stove Top Thermometer has an outer diameter of 109 mm (4.29 inches) and features rapid heat transfer technology to provide fast and accurate readings. The quality full-sized bi-metalic mechanism ensures consistent and reliable measurements.  The larger diameter enables accurate temperature readings which cannot be achieved with cheaper, magnetic flue type thermometers.

Designed and hand-built in Great Britain , this scientific instrument will accurately measure from room temperature up to 450 C (842 F).