Steelhead Stove Fan

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Steelhead Stove Fan

The Warpfive Steelhead Stove Fan is an excellent performer over a broad range of operating temperatures. Named the Steelhead for its robust build, this stove fan will start working at 110° C (230° F) and circulate in excess of 320 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of air. It has the largest 4 blade high aspect ratio fan available, and is optimised to circulate maximum air at low RPM.

The Steelhead has a stainless steel base which provides improved thermodynamic properties. It also includes a stainless steel displacer and regenerator which are both proven to boost performance. The stainless steel base is extremely attractive and the added weight provides additional stability.

When you order a Steelhead Stove Fan you will receive a comprehensive tool kit and the option to purchase a dust cover. The dust cover is a beautiful clear dome which can be used while the engine is in use. Not only does it enhance the beauty of the engine, it also assists in keeping the stove fan ash / dust free. The dust cover is a useful addition when you clean your stove as it helps to prevent air borne ash contamination, and it can also be used to protect the engine while in storage during the summer months.

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This beautiful Stirling engine is precision engineered from durable materials such as stainless steel, brass and alumimium. Its exceptional performance is optimised with a silver thermodynamic heat plate, precision bearings and other advanced materials such as graphite. The glass piston cylinder and low friction bearings ensure quiet operation and low maintenance.

In addition you have the choice of a red or black top plate when you purchase a Steelhead Stove Fan.


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The Steelhead Stove Fan is hand-crafted, assembled and bench tested in the United Kingdom.  Find out more here