Stirling Engine Generates Electricity

Water cooled Stirling engine generator

Here we show how a modified Warpfive engine generates electricity in order to demonstrate the power, speed, silence and precision of our engines.

The modifications consisted of the addition of a water cooling jacket, radiator, water pump and radiator cooling fan. The water pump is driven via a pulley and belt system off the crankshaft. The water cooling fan is driven directly off the crank shaft. The displacer cylinder bottom was welded close with a 0.5mm 316 stainless steel plate in order to accelerate heat transfer from the burner. A small DC generator is run via a pulley and belt off the crank shaft and produces 5V.

All other components are standard Warpfive Stove Fan MK4, including the heat plate, piston, piston sleeve, crank, displacer and regenerator.

The Stove fan generator was designed for continuous operation, using propane as the heat source. The engine will run comfortably, producing 5V at approximately 500 RPM, no load max RPM is approximately 1200 RPM. Power output is 5V  and approximately 1000Ma.

This Stove Fan generator will power a lantern, charge a mobile phone, charge a ipod and even power a FM radio. It has run for literally hundreds of hours under load powering a FM radio in order to complete the testing. Operation is almost silent and propane use is exceptionally low.

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See youtube videos:

Stove Fan generator powering a FM radio  

Stove Fan generator charging an i pod      

Stove Fan generator charging a mobile phone

Stove Fan generator powers a lantern