What is a stove fan?

What is a Stove Fan? Different versions of Stove Fans?

When choosing a stove fan, it is important to distinguish between two very different categories – thermoelectric and Stirling engine stove fans.

Here we explain the difference between these two categories.

1. Thermoelectric

These fans use a thermoelectric module which creates electricity to power a small motor. The thermoelectric module uses the heat differential between the hot fan base and the cooler fan top to create electricity to drive the fan’s motor. Thermoelectric stove fans are widely available and frequently used as merely functional devices.

Fig 1: Thermoelectric Stove Fan
Fig 1: Thermoelectric Stove Fan

2. Stirling engine fans

A Stirling engine is something quite special – it is literally a miniature engine. The intricate details and mechanical operation make Stirling engine fans highly desirable. Frequently described as ‘mechanical art’, these engines work silently and reliably because there are no electrical components to burnout. High power output and low start up speeds result in the movement of large volumes of warm air.

Stirling engines are fascinating eco-friendly devices which operate purely on heat and do not require any form of electricity. A Stirling engine fan will improve the heat circulation within your home, save on heating fuel and provide a more comfortable living environment. It does this by quietly circulating the heat generated by your wood burner or multi-fuel stove throughout your home thus increasing heating efficiency, improved comfort and reducing your operating costs. Operation is quiet and totally free – simply add heat.

Stirling engine fans can be purchased from Warpfive Fans where they are precision built in the United Kingdom. Durable materials such as stainless steel, brass and aluminium, result in robust machines that require tremendous precision when constructed. These amazing engines are meticulously hand-built and crafted and every engine is individually laser engraved with a unique serial number and bench tested to ensure it meets strict quality standards.


Fig. 2 Stirling Engine Stove Fan
Fig. 2 Stirling Engine Stove Fan