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Warpfive Stove Fan - Stirling Engine Reliability and Durability Test (February 2019)

February, 11, 2019, By Warpfive | Leave a reply

Warpfive Stirling engines operate

for more than 17 760 hours -

that's 12.1 years of non-stop use!

Research and analysis is ongoing at Warpfive Stove Fans. We routinely assess the performance of all of our engines through extreme and rigorous testing. In order to evaluate durability and reliability, we keep engines on permanent test in our lab. These engines work non-stop and are kept in permanent use.

To date the test engines have been operating for over 12.1 years - clear testament to the endurance of a Stirling engine.

Amazingly these engines have been oiled only twice!

Keep watching as tests are ongoing and results are updated regularly!