Warpfive International Lifetime Guarantee

We are committed to providing products that demonstrate superior workmanship and a dedication to technical excellence. We also strive to deliver superior customer service and aim to always exceed your expectations. This commitment to excellence enables us to offer a lifetime guarantee on each Warpfive Stove Fan.

Your Warpfive Stove Fan will be protected by the Warpfive International Lifetime Guarantee. The only condition of this warranty is that your stove fan is returned to us for a professional service at least once every 3 years or when our reminder reaches you. Although servicing is chargeable, it will contribute to your Warpfive Stove Fan’s long life through cleaning, lubricating and the replacement of any worn parts. The dust cover and burner wicks are expressly excluded from the lifetime guarantee. The warranty comes into force only if the International Lifetime Guarantee has been registered within one month of purchase with Warpfive International. Your guarantee is activated when you complete the online warranty submission found here.

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