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Stove Top Thermometer

The Warpfive Stove Top Thermometer will accurately measure the temperature of your stove and assist in indicating the most economical burn rate, while complimenting your stove top.  This beautiful accessory is machined out of a solid billet of aluminium, has large laser engraved numerals and a unique double-pointed hand.

The thermometer has been thoughtfully designed to make temperature reading easy. It incorporates both Fahrenheit and Celcius readings with a unique hand that spans between the two measurements. Prominent stainless steel domes on the dial assist in identifying the optimum burn zone, and allow easy temperature monitoring from a distance.  Laser engraved numerals offer a high quality, permanent marking solution and guarantees that they will not fade over time. 

The Warpfive Stove Top Thermometer has an outer diameter of 109 mm (4.29 inches) and features rapid heat transfer technology to provide fast and accurate readings. The quality full-sized bi-metalic mechanism ensures consistent and reliable measurements.  The larger diameter enables accurate temperature readings which cannot be achieved with cheaper, magnetic flue type thermometers.

Designed and hand-built in Great Britain , this scientific instrument will accurately measure from room temperature up to 450 C (842 F).

Stove Fan Dust Cover

The dust cover will assist in keeping your engine ash and dust free thus maintaining optimum performance. This attractive accessory has been designed to fit all Warpfive Stove Fans including older models. The dust cover is a beautiful clear dome formed from high temperature polycarbonate.  It is acoustically isolated via rubber mounting feet and is reminiscent of a vintage glass display dome. 

It can be used on a working engine so long as the dust cover does not exceed 90°C (194°F).  In order to keep the cover cool,  ensure that you start the engine as soon as it reaches operating temperature.  Place the engine at least 150 mm (6 inches) from the flue, however for hot fires in excess of 250°C (482°F) the engine should be placed at least 200 mm (7.9 inches) away from the flue.

Remember to always use your cover when cleaning your stove as it will help to avoid airborne ash contamination. It will also protect your engine when not in use during the summer months. 

Copper Fan Blade

Large Propeller

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Customise your engine with an exclusive solid copper propeller.  Available to fit to any model,  simply select large or small propeller depending on which engine you have.  The smaller propeller will fit a Sidewinder or Twinspeed Stove Fan, while the larger blade is used for the Steelhead, Windjammer and Glasshopper versions.   

Maintenance Kit

The maintenance kit includes all the essential items required for maintaining your stove fan on a seasonal basis. This includes two hex keys, high temperature lubrication fluid, cleaning wands and maintenance instructions.

All models currently listed on the website include maintenance kits.

High Temperature Lubricant

Warpfive high temperature lubricant is a scientifically formulated synthetic lubricant, designed to perform at extreme temperatures and provide optimum engine performance. The lubricant is supplied with application instructions. Use of this lubricant is recommended if your engine has been operating continuously at high temperatures or has been subjected to ash or dust contamination. 

All models currently listed on the website are supplied with a maintenance kit which includes high temperature lubricant.

Log Tongs

The Warpfive Log Tongs have been specifically designed to enable the safe handling of small bits of kindling as well as full sized logs.  This is achieved with a unique double-handed tulip claw which provides stability and grip for all log sizes.  The tulip claw construction provides added control protecting you from heat and flames, while allowing you to use one or two hands to delicately position kindling, coal or larger logs. When used with two hands, you can safely handle full sized logs up to 160 mm in diameter.    

The tongs are made from 8 mm steel finished in high temperature satin black paint and hand assembled with a stainless steel retaining pin.  A beautiful solid Oak handle protects and insulates your hands from the heat while providing a secure grip.  

The tongs have an overall length of 510 mm (20 inches) and can also be used as a convenient fire poker.